Naked Ladies

Coming to the  Edmonton Fringe Festival 2015

Telus Phone Museum, 10437 – 83rd ave (Venue 9)

32teeth presents

NAKED LADIES, a feminist-play-meets-performance-piece. Written & Performed by Thea Fitz-James Directed by Zoë Erwin-Longstaff

Web NAKED LADIES is that moment where someone tells you that women are naturally secretive. It’s the moment they say, “Women take off their clothes to forget about their fathers”. It’s locked in the skin: intimate. It asks what are we hiding when we show it all? And what does it mean to be truly exposed? Thea brings many naked ladies on stage, from the fleshy 40 year-old at the YMCA, to the platinum pussy on your computer screen. Between the naked and the nude, between forgetting fathers and remembering mothers, past sexual stigma and personal secrets, NAKED LADIES weaves personal narrative, art history, and performance theory to ask why women get naked on stage and off. Why, where and for whom?


  • Aug 15 6:15
  • Aug 17 4:15
  • Aug 18 7:30
  • Aug 20 12:00
  • Aug 22nd 2:00
  • Aug 23rd 7:30

Warning: Explicit content, and… ahem. nudity.


One Response to Naked Ladies

  1. Bruce Plante says:

    Hello, Thea. I was at your Fringe show today @2:00 PM. It was powerfully moving. I am 59 years old and I didn’t want to seem pervy (though I don’t think you would have thought so) by taking you up on your offer to exchange email addresses. Although I am a male with three grown sons, I felt touched and somehow ennobled by your performance. You did a wonderful thing and I would like to have had the opportunity to speak with you about the impact and meaning it had for me. I would also have liked to ask you more about some of the ideas and observations you touched upon in your show, but I suspect that you were really reaching out more to the women in the audience, and I get that. Anyway, thank you for the beautiful experience. I wish you great joy and continued courage.

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