Documentary: Louder Than Words

“Louder Than Words” is a about Brad. Brad has aphasia, which is the loss of language, often due to stroke.  Brad attended the Intensive Residential Aphasia Communication Therapy (InteRACT) clinic in March 2012. InterRACT is the only intensive speech therapy program in Canada for people with aphasia.

“Louder Than Words” is written, Produced and Directed by Coralie McLean and Thea Fitz-James, through University of King’s College’s School of Journalism.

Intensive Residential Aphasia Communication Therapy (InteRACT)


About theafitzjames

I'm finishing up a degree in Journalism from the University of King's College, and an undergraduate degree in Honours English from McGill University. I'm interested in general arts reporting, including promotional videos and reviews, as well as grassroots journalism. In my free time, I knit and watch crappy tv.
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