Sweater Series: June 2013

What happens to the body when it experiences loss? How does the body seek comfort in IMG_0812things and navigate a space of absence? And further, what happens when objects of comfort are simultaneous objects of loss? These questions are at the center of Sweater Series. It explores the presence of absence as a complex encounter with the body in space. Within the empty closet, the sweater acts as some kind of echo of the body. Either as something to wrap, shape or silhouette the body, we associate sweaters with bodies. They intend to be worn, and until they are, they wait to be filled. Like the closet, they are empty, signifying the absence of a body. By filling empty sweaters and empty closets with a body, Sweater Series explores the body’s encounter with loss.

IMG_0770      IMG_0701

IMG_0740     IMG_0729    IMG_0718


About theafitzjames

I'm finishing up a degree in Journalism from the University of King's College, and an undergraduate degree in Honours English from McGill University. I'm interested in general arts reporting, including promotional videos and reviews, as well as grassroots journalism. In my free time, I knit and watch crappy tv.
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