NAKED LADIES is that moment where someone tells you that women are naturally secretive. It’s the moment they say, “Women take off their clothes to forget about their fathers”. It’s locked in the skin: intimate. It asks what are we hiding when we show it all? And what does it mean to be truly exposed?


NAKED LADIES is one part lecture, one part confessional theatre, and one part strip tease. It is a historical, theoretical and personal discussion of the different naked ladies we see on different stages. Thea brings many naked ladies on stage, from the fleshy 40 year-old at the YMCA, to the platinum pussy on your computer screen. She analyses the bodies of  goddesses and whores, of Biblical princesses, and modern day Salomes.

Between the naked and the nude, between forgetting fathers and remembering mothers, past sexual stigma and personal secrets, NAKED LADIES weaves personal narrative, art history, and performance theory to ask why women get naked on stage and off. Why, where and for whom?


NAKED LADIES was first performed at Hub14 in tandem with totem. December 2013.

For questions/concerns/queries about NAKED LADIES, please contact Thea Fitz-James, at


About theafitzjames

I'm finishing up a degree in Journalism from the University of King's College, and an undergraduate degree in Honours English from McGill University. I'm interested in general arts reporting, including promotional videos and reviews, as well as grassroots journalism. In my free time, I knit and watch crappy tv.
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